Sunday, September 3, 2017

August Catchup: Lots of Sheep!

Hi everyone! My goodness, it's been so long since I've updated this blog! August was a seriously hectic month. We had given up hope of going anywhere this summer when suddenly, after three weeks of waiting, my husband's visa came out and we were off to Spain! We were only there for about ten days, and I really wish we could have stayed longer, because it was just lovely. The weather was gorgeous, especially compared to the oven we call Dubai.

We've been back for a few days and it's been non-stop ever since. So much to do! My to-do list always feels like it's getting longer instead of shorter. How is that possible?

I have managed to get some stitching done. First, here's my progress on the my latest Little Sheep Virtues, Friendship (you can see my last update here):

This is at 600 stitches.

And this is at 700 stitches:

Since my last update, I've gotten a lot of stitching done on the border. I also stitched the yellow petals of the flowers and finished up a few leaves and the grass that the sheep will stand on. This is coming along quickly!

I've also finally finished the Kindness Sheep! This has been sitting around waiting for me to get my act together for ages. First of all, I was not happy with the color of the pumpkins. I haven't changed a single color in this entire sheep series (except for the actual sheep, and that's just for fun!) but I felt like the pumpkins were more brown (you can see them in my last post about Kindness here). Anyways, I finally sat myself down, frogged all three pumpkins, and re-stitched them with DMC 920. Much better!

Then I passed by a new-to-me local quilt shop to drop something off (which I will reveal later!) and I poked around their fabric section. They had a huge selection and a lot of options, but I was looking for something orange to match and I am just not a fan of orange! It took a long time to find one that I liked. But anyway, here it is all finished:

And here's the backing fabric:

Yep, just a plain orange fabric, no print! This was the only shade of orange that I actually liked, because it's a nice pale shade that reminds me of a creamsicle hehehe... But it's the only plain fabric in the whole series so far! Here are all my sheep together:

And here are all of their backs together:

What do you guys think? Random? I feel like out of all the oranges in the world, this one "goes" better.

Whew, this was a long post! Hopefully it doesn't take me this long to post my next update.

Big hugs,


Rita E in AZ said...

I love to see your finishes. I am going to make a note with my patterns about the color change you made for your pumpkins.

Robin in Virginia said...

Good for you on finish finishing the Kindness block. I would have changed the pumpkin color as well. I think the backing fabric looks good. Glad you were able to get a getaway! Have a great week!

Brigitte said...

Oh wow, holidays in Spain sounds like something wonderful. I have never been to Spain as I can't stand the heat, but some of my friends love it there. I am sure you enjoyed your stay there a lot.
Kindness looks great and I love the orange backing fabric. Great picture showing the backs of all of them.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Welcome back! Glad that you had a good summer. And got some stitching done too. Nice to see all the different backs to your ornies and I like the new pumpkin colour.

RJ said...

Hi Sarah! So glad you were able to get away for a nice vacation to Spain. I have been twice and really enjoyed it alot. We were able to go once to Madrid and the other time to Barcelona. Where did you go?

I love all of your sheep virtue stitches. They are all wonderful. I really love the friendship one and you have done such a fabulous job in your stitching. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Von said...

So nice to see you post again! Glad you've been stitching and were able to enjoy a time in Spain - how fabulous!! :D

Mary said...

You have done such a wonderful job on stitching and finishing these. I have done a few of them and each one is a pleasure to stitch. Glad your back and that you had a great trip. Mary