Sunday, April 17, 2016

Peace Sheep Update 8, and the April Gifted Gorgeousness SAL

I know I'm a couple of days late with this, but it's been pretty busy around here. My mother-in-law's still staying with us, and we're leaving to Japan next Friday, and I haven't even started getting ready for our trip! Anyway, better late than never, as they say...

The Gifted Gorgeousness SAL is Jo from Serendipitous Stitching's baby - we stitch on something that's been gifted to us through exchanges or giveaways, whether a pattern, kit, fabric, floss, whatever, and post on the 15th of the month.

For most of last year I was working on Prairie Schooler's Two By Two, gifted to me in an exchange with Emma from Emma's Bloglet a couple of years ago (you can see my last update here). I've finished the ark, the camels, and the zebras. Here's my latest installment on the project:

I've finished one of the elephants! This little guy took me a longer to stitch, but that's really because of the chaos in my house right now. There's a companion elephant I still need to stitch (there has to be two of each animal, after all!).

Here's all four pieces together:

I'm also a week late on my Little Sheep Virtues SAL, but I'm trying to catch up. Hopefully I can get another update in before our trip. Here's where I am now:

This is now 800 stitches on Peace. More on the border, and I've finished the grass and started on the water. Unfortunately, I've run out of a few colors now, so I need to find time to pass by my LNS. Maybe I'll convince my MIL to take a trip out there with me...

Lots of love,

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Peace Sheep Update 7, and a Knitting Roadblock

Whew! My mother-in-law's in town, and while it's always nice to have help with the baby, it's definitely been keeping me busy. And my husband has decided that he wants us to go back with her to Japan to see his dad, who couldn't come here and still hasn't seen the baby. It's a lovely sentiment, but it means we'll be traveling in less that two weeks and I'm not at all ready!!!

So you can see why I missed my update post last week. Here's what I've been up to:

More knitting!

I put in a couple more stripes into the baby blanket I'm making for my sister. And I've officially run out of yarn. I don't know what happened with my calculations, but I totally overestimated the amount I had. The yarn has been discontinued (just my luck!) but I found someone on Ravelry who has some, so I'm just waiting for it to get here...

Also, a bit more progress on the Little Sheep Virtues SAL:

This is now 700 stitches on Peace. More stitching on the border, and I'm nearly done with the grass!

That's all I've got today!

Big hugs,