Monday, December 7, 2015

One More (Tiny) Stashing Confession, and the Giraffe is On Hold

Hi everyone! Well, I'm getting closer and closer to my due date. I'm about 37 and a half weeks along now! It's pretty terrifying, to be honest, so I'm trying not to think too hard about it. But the good news is that my husband is here! He landed Friday evening, so I actually relax now. It's just so nice to know that he's going to be here, like an extra support system.

And the baby sampler is just zipping along! Lots of progress to show. First it looked like this:

Then like this:

And now like this:

I've nearly finished the giraffe, except unfortunately I still haven't bought the DMC 720 I need. I also stitched the little bird sitting on top of his frame, finished the green frame around the giraffe, made some progress on the blue frame in the middle, and started stitching the last frame (that brown bit next to the green).

So last week I spilled the beans on all the stashing I've been doing. I have one more confession: I have ALWAYS wanted a Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe necessaire, so when Nancy started making her latest batch, I knew I had to get one. And I'm so happy with my choice!

Isn't it lovely? And it's full of all sorts of goodies!

Gorgeous lace, a little pouch full of buttons and charms, some of her beautiful hand-dyed floss, a felt needle holder, and a free gift: a zip bag of buttons. I love it all so much. I'll probably never even use any of it, just take it out every once in a while to pet it!

Big hugs,


Heather said...

Woohoo! Having him home has to feel so great. He can go get your floss ;) Your necessaire is lovely and your sampler is looking beautiful!

Justine said...

I don't blame you for treating yourself to that gorgeous necessaire! I keep eyeing them as well but the postage and customs charges are prohibitive. Your giraffe and baby are making good progress!
Giving birth is such a personal thing - I don't think any of the books can prepare you as everyone is different. Just go with the flow and do what feels right for you.
We will all be waiting here for your big announcement!

Vickie said...

I agree with Justine. I read so very, very much about giving birth and babies. And when the time came, it sure was an eye opener. So very, very glad your husband is with you. I would stitch a LOT right now. Soon you won't be. ;)

Mii Stitch said...

Good for you for treating yourself!
Lovely progress on the baby sampler too.
This is exciting time for you & your family.
Enjoy every & each day, believe me, your baby will grow far too quickly :)

Wendy said...

The sampler is really coming on, now you're in a race to finish it before baby arrives!

Linda said...

Nice progress on the sampler Sarah. Love your new stash.


Penny said...

Nice progress on your baby sampler! And what a beautiful necessaire too! It's nice to treat ourselves every now and again. :)

Anonymous said...

cute baby sampler ♥

Brigitte said...

Nice progress on your baby sampler. It looks so lovely. And you were doing great ordering Nancy's sewing necessaries, it's really darling.
Great that your husband can be with you now that the last weeks of your pregnancy have started.

Pull the other thread said...

Best of luck with the rest of pregnancy. Looking forward with hearing about your new family member. Love your stitching and stash.