Sunday, October 25, 2015

Gratitude Sheep Update 6, and an Elephant is Born!

Howdy, folks! Well, I've been making some major stitching progress. Here's where I was on the baby sampler a few days ago:

And here's where I am now:

I've started stitching the elephant, and I'm on a roll! It helps that elephants are my absolute favorite animal. It's always been a dream of mine to ride one. I don't know what it is about them, but they've always fascinated me!

Plus, an update on the Little Sheep Virtues SAL:

This is Gratitude at 1200 stitches. I'm done with the border!! Hallellujah! I've also stitched all the grass that'll go under the sheep, so all I've got left are the sheep themselves! And this is going to be fun, because there are four sheep on this design.

Big hugs,

Monday, October 19, 2015

Gratitude Sheep Update 5, and Two Frames are Done! (For Now)

Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend. I spent all day yesterday, Saturday, at a Renaissance Festival here in Charlotte, NC. It was the first one I'd ever been to, and I really enjoyed myself - ate some good food, bought a few cute goodies, and saw some awesome performances. It was pretty exhausting, though, with all the walking and standing in line, so I've just been resting today.

I know I just posted an update on this a couple of days ago, but believe it or not, I've made some more progress on the baby sampler!

I guess I'm just really inspired to finish this! I've finished the turtle and the lion for now (still haven't found a replacement for that color I disagree with, but it'll happen), and I've started the elephant on the next frame.

And here's where I am on the Little Sheep Virtues SAL:

This is Gratitude at 1000 stitches. Nearly done with the border! Thank goodness. I like the colors in this piece, but the border being only green and orange does not make it any more fun to stitch.

Happy xxx's!

Friday, October 16, 2015

The October Gifted Gorgeousness SAL and a Little Turtle

Well, it's October 15th, so it's time for a Gifted Gorgeousness SAL update! This is Jo from Serendipitous Stitching's baby - we stitch on something that's been gifted to us through exchanges or giveaways, whether a pattern, kit, fabric, floss, whatever, and post on the 15th of the month (because it's 2015).

For the last few months I've been working on Prairie Schooler's Two By Two, gifted to me last year in an exchange with Emma from Emma's Bloglet (you can see my last update here). This is what it looks like now:

I'm at 3200 stitches now. Yep, you guessed it - I'm still on the hull! It's a really great design to stitch, especially if you're just watching TV, but the problem is that it's got these long, long, long lines of plain colors, so it gets a little boring.

I've also been getting some serious stitching done on the baby sampler:

We have a turtle! He's such a little cutie. I've finished his frame, the lion's frame, and stitched on the blue middle frame too.

That's all I've got today! I'll be back on Sunday for my usual update post.

Lots of love,

Monday, October 12, 2015

Gratitude Sheep Update 4 and a Turtle Start

Welcome, my lovelies! I'm typing this up after a long day. For the second time since I've been in the States, we went out to the east coast of North Carolina to visit my grandmother. We used to stay with my grandparents every summer, so it's not just a nice family visit, it's like a trip down memory lane. The problem is, now that we're in Charlotte, which is on the other side of the state, it takes about 5 hours to drive there and another 5 hours to drive back. We headed out Friday morning and just got back now, Sunday night, and I am exhausted.

Anyway, you didn't come to hear me gripe, you came to see some stitching! First off, my baby sampler is coming along:

I got bored stitching all that beige and green, so I moved on over and started stitching the frame for the turtle, which is a blend of two colors: DMC 824 and 826. Again, I'm not doing the background stitching. Don't want to crowd the animals!

And here's an update on my Little Sheep Virtues SAL:

This is Gratitude at 800 stitches. Yep, nothing to see here, folks, just more of that border. I swear, once I'm done with this series, I'm never stitching another border again!

Big hugs,

Monday, October 5, 2015

Gratitude Sheep Update 3 and Lion Issues

Hello, hello! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. We spent most of it hiding indoors, prepared for Hurricane Joaquin. We had A LOT of rain and wind, and quite a few people had trees crash into their houses or cars or power lines. Several roads were completely impassable with all the flooding, but thankfully it looks like the actual storm is just going to head into the Atlantic, away from us. Yay!

The weather's been perfect for stitching. I just curled myself up on the couch, switched on the TV, and stitched away. I've made a lot of progress on my baby sampler:

The lion is really starting to come together. I'm using DMC, not the Dimensions thread that came with the kit. I used the conversion chart on Cyber Stitchers, and I am NOT happy with the conversion for his mane. It's way too red. I'm going to stitch the rest of his body and see if I change my mind, or if I'm going to have to buy a more maroon color.

I've also done some stitching on the Little Sheep Virtues SAL:

This is Gratitude at 600 stitches. Nothing incredibly exciting, just stitching and filling in the border. Borders are never my favorite part of any design. Does anyone enjoy stitching them?

Happy xxx's!