Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Love Sheep Update 3 and Yet Another New Start

Had a pretty crazy day today, so I'm only just getting to this post now (I'm starting this at 11:40 pm). I've got this massive to-do list to get through before the end of August, when we have to leave for my sister-in-law's wedding. My main focus has been trying to get the baby's nursery ready, but honestly there aren't a lot of choices in Dubai for baby furniture. I've been searching high and low for curtains - CURTAINS, not some weird exotic obscure thing - and it's been basically impossible. The problem is the size of the window in the nursery. It's a balcony door, so it's huge, and they apparently only make nursery curtains in teeny tiny sizes!

That's my rant for the day. On to some stitching...

I have a new start! I'm just zipping through my stash. This is Never More, by Hands On Design and Just Another Button Company:

This is turning out to be a really fun stitch! I'm planning on turning this into a biscornu when I'm done. I'm basically halfway done already: I've stitched the shelves, most of the green jars, and the features on the skulls.

I've also made some progress on my Little Sheep Virtues SAL piece:

This is Love at 600 stitches. I've finished the flowers and the word "love" and I've already started the border!

That's all I've got to show today. Hope you're all doing well!

Big hugs,

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Love Sheep Update 2, One Finish, and One Finish-Finish!

Good grief, I'm late this week! I'm blaming it on pregnancy brain (I've been blaming A LOT of things on pregnancy brain). I'm about 17 and a half weeks along by now, and definitely starting to show! It's been so much fun - the crib and changing table have been delivered and assembled, and I've been window shopping for curtains and wallpaper. After a lot of debate, we've decided to go for a kind of animal safari theme for the nursery.

Oh, right, I forgot to share the news with you guys (see? pregnancy brain). We're having a boy!!! I seriously didn't expect it at all. My husband and I have three sisters EACH, so there's a lot of girls in our families. But I feel so blessed and excited!

Enough baby talk, let me show you guys some stitching. I finished Liberty Belles!

It still needs to be ironed out and finish-finished. I've stitched this two over one on 18-count Cork linen with DMC floss. Very happy to have this one done, because I did not enjoy this fabric at all!

I've also made some progress on my Little Sheep Virtues SAL:

This is Love at 400 stitches. I forgot to mention last week (do you see a pattern here?) when I posted my start on this, that it was a gift from the wonderful Kaye at Kitten Stitching, who's also part of this SAL. Thanks again, Kaye!

AND I've got a finish-finish to share with you all!

This is Faith, which I finished a couple of weeks ago. I finished it off the same way I finished Simplicity, Hope, and Joyfulness. Here's the backing fabric I used:

And here are all four sheep together:

I'm so happy with them! They're all so cute and fluffy. I can't wait to add Love to the collection...

Happy xxx's,

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Love Sheep Update 1, Liberty Belles, and the July Gifted Gorgeousness SAL

Hey guys! It's been a little while. My sister came to visit early this week (now that all my in-laws have left) and she brought sooooooo many gifts for the baby! It's been so much fun unpacking everything and buying baby furniture and decorating the nursery. I managed to get some stitching done this weekend before she arrived, so here it is!

First, Liberty Belles:

Lots of progress here! All the girls are done, and I just have the words in the upper left corner and the border to stitch.

Next, my start on the Love sheep for my Little Sheep Virtues SAL:

This is my first 200 stitches on it. I finished up Faith last week and I'm working on finishing-finishing it. It should be ready to share next week!

And, finally, it's July 15th, so it's time for the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL July edition! This is Jo from Serendipitous Stitching's baby - we stitch on something that's been gifted to us through exchanges or giveaways, whether a pattern, kit, fabric, floss, whatever, and post on the 15th of the month (because it's 2015).

For the last few months I've been working on Prairie Schooler's Two By Two, gifted to me last year in an exchange with Emma from Emma's Bloglet (you can see my last update here). This is what it looks like now:

And that's all! I have to take my sister to the airport tonight, so after that I'll be catching up on everyone's blogs. See you soon!

Lots of love,

Monday, July 6, 2015

Faith Sheep Update 9 (Finished!), Liberty Belles, and Some Happy Mail!

Hello hello hello! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend (and an awesome 4th of July!). It's super hot here, but I'm sticking close to home. Still a lot to do decorating the new place. We still haven't done a thing to set up the nursery - we're waiting until we know if it's a boy or a girl before we start. All I can do now is make lists and lists and lists...

I've been stitching on Liberty Belles some more. Here's what it looks like so far:

Still not enjoying working with this fabric, it's driving me bananas, but I love the design so I'm sticking it out.

I've also got a finish to report!

That's right, I'm finally done with Faith. I sewed on the little star buttons, and stitched the sheep with Wisper thread, this time in black to match the design model. This is my fourth installment of the Little Sheep Virtues series, and I can't wait to finish-finish it and start the next!

I passed by the post office late last week and picked up some happy mail. Here's my latest stash enhancement:

My order from 1-2-3 Stitch - the new Halloween pattern from Hands On Design and Just Another Button Company, Never More, along with the buttons and some 32 ct. Ivory Lugana to stitch it on. I think it's going to make an awesome biscornu! I also got another Little Sheep Virtue, Gratitude, the button, and enough 28 ct. Coffee Jobelan to stitch it and the next sheep in my stash, Love.

That's it, that's all! Big hugs,