Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Last Post of 2014!

Happy New Year's Eve, everyone! I hope you're all planning to have a lovely evening tonight. We're probably going to find a nice spot in the desert to watch the famous Dubai New Year's fireworks. If you've never seen or heard of them before, here's a little clip of last year's fireworks. They broke the Guinness World Records for most fireworks (400,000) ever let off in six minutes.

I've done a little stitching and a little knitting. Here's my bit of progress on Three Blind Mice:

I'm halfway through the banner along the top, and I've backstitched "Who has cheese?". So close now. One more week should do it!

I hope you all have a lovely New Year's Eve! I'll be back in a couple of days - I've been busy deciding on my goals for 2015 and checking to see how I did in 2014. New year, new beginnings, new goals!

Happy 2015!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Joyfulness Sheep Update 3

Hi everyone! I hope you're all having a wonderful time with your families. Still not much happening here, just steadily going through our massive to-do list. But it's Sunday, and that means it's SAL update time!

This is the Sheep Virtues SAL I'm doing with Lija, Kaye, and Anne. Feel free to join in if you have these cuties in your stash and just need a little kick to get you stitching!

This is what my Joyfulness looks like after 600 stitches. I've finished stitching the snow on the ground, the word "Joyfulness", and a few more snowflakes.

I've also been busy knitting a new project. It's just a teeny tiny new start, so I'll share a picture when there's something more substantial to show.

Lots of love,

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas from Dubai!

Hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas! I'm having a very quiet, staying-at-home kind of day. My husband's halfway through a two-week stay-cation from work, which is nice - we've been getting so much done! We have finally (FINALLY) finished painting the walls, we've brought in pest control to make sure we've killed all those pesky mites, we've paid bills and run errands and just caught up on all those little things that've piled up over the last couple of months... It's been lovely!

I've been stitching a little on Three Blind Mice:

Nearly done! A couple more weeks should do it. I've finished the hill they're walking on and "see how they run." I just have the banner left to stitch along the top.

My blog has completely been on the fritz, so my apologies if it's been popping up repeatedly on your feeds. I don't understand what Blogger is doing. I've also been told that it keeps asking for word verification, even though I know I have it switched off. So strange. Do let me know if you notice anything else strange!

Big hugs,

Monday, December 22, 2014

Joyfulness Sheep Update 2

Eek! I'm late again. This second installment of the SAL is not going smoothly at all. I was supposed to post the update yesterday, but we were helping my sister-in-law move all weekend. It's a little ridiculous how much stuff one young woman can accumulate. I keep hoping and praying that we'll be moving soon too, but no news so far.

Anyways! Yes! The update! This is the Sheep Virtues SAL I'm doing with Lija, Kaye, and Anne. This is what my Joyfulness looks like after 400 stitches:

I've stitched the rest of the big tree, the second little tree, the string of holly, two snowflakes, and the beginning of the snow on the ground.

Thank you all so much for your continued love. I can't always reply to your comments (some of you are no-reply commenters) but I want you to know how much I appreciate your support! Also a big shout out to all my new followers. I'll be by to see your blogs soon, I promise! Things will calm down here eventually.

Happy xxx's!

Friday, December 19, 2014

See How They Run!

Oh, thank God, I thought this week would never end. It's been insane and awful. On Sunday, while grocery shopping, I left my cart alone in an aisle for two minutes while I checked the aisle I'd just left for something. In those two minutes, someone came along and stole a shopping bag I'd left in my cart. Two hours later, the store security guards, who'd left me standing at the entrance waiting for them, told me that the aisle I'd been on didn't have cameras so they couldn't help me.

As though that wasn't bad enough! The next day our bathroom water heater broke down and started leaking through the ceiling. By the time the plumber finished installing a new one and I'd finished cleaning up after him, it was 2am. Needless to say, at this point I really felt that if one more thing went wrong I was going to lie down in front of oncoming traffic... Thankfully nothing did.

Onto happier thoughts: stitching! I'm still working on Three Blind Mice.

I'm halfway through the little hill they're walking on along the bottom, and halfway through "see how they run."

Lots of love,

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Exchanges with Shirlee

Shirlee (from The Easily Influenced Stitcher) and I had so much fun with our exchange last year that we decided to have another one! The rules were the same: she wanted something Christmas-y, but I don't celebrate Christmas so I opted for something Americana.

I made some winter biscornus last year that were a huge hit, so I decided to stitch up one of them again for Shirlee. This is a Sablaise freebie chart that I stitched on 28-count blue Jobelan.

I also made her a little angel ornament from a Pamela's Primitives chart. I stitched it on 14-count white Aida and finished it with a lace hanger and lovely Christmas fabric.

I included a bunch of goodies: a Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe chart, some Threadworx floss, hibiscus tea and camel milk chocolate (both local treats). But I'm an airhead and didn't take a picture of the whole lot before I sent it off.

And Shirlee sent me this pile of loveliness:

A Bent Creek kit, a Little House Needleworks chart, some Teavana tea that sounds delicious, and a baggy stuffed with DMC floss. Plus her stitched piece, which is drop-dead gorgeous.

Look at that stitching! Look at that finishing! I love it so much, Shirlee, and I can't wait to display it :D Can't wait to do this again next year!

Big hugs,

Monday, December 15, 2014

Joyfulness Sheep Update 1 and a Finish

Yep! We're starting again! Last week Lija and I finished the first sheep, Hope, from Little House Needlework's Little Sheep Virtues series. This week we're starting with the second sheep, Joyfulness, although technically I'm a day late. Yesterday ended up a lot busier than I expected, so I didn't have time to post. Oh well - here's my start:

Our first sheep, Hope, took us forever to finish. We'd set ourselves a goal of 100 stitches a week, so it took us 14 weeks. Unwilling to take that long again, we've adjusted that to 200 stitches a week for the second sheep. So this is my first 200 stitches here - I've stitches a snowflake, a little tree, and the majority of the big tree.

I've also finished off my first sheep!

I finished it off as a little pillow. I've had a scrap of this Christmas-y fabric in my stash for ages, and it was the perfect size. Then I couched down some twine all along the edges, tying it off in a bow at the bottom. Love how it turned out!

All right, I've still got some wall painting to finish up. Three more walls! We're nearly there!

Happy xxx's,

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Third Little Blind Mouse

Painting has commenced! In our attempt to kill off all our mites, we've gone into painting overdrive. Between work and chores and, you know, life, we've actually managed to find the time to paint two-thirds of our apartment in the last five days. Woohoo! It's exhausting and a huge pain in the behind, but we're making really good progress.

So! What you're all here to see: stitching progress! I'm still working on Three Blind Mice, and I have just finished the third little blind mouse:

Isn't he adorable? He's a little more boring than the other two - he doesn't have a cane or a piece of cheese - but he's still cute.

Hope you're all having a great week!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hope Sheep Update 14 - Finally, a Finish!

Whew! This one has taken quite a long time to get done. But here it is, finally - Hope, the first of my Little Sheep Virtues, part of the SAL I'm doing with Lija, Kaye, and Anne.

I put the final stitches in my nice fluffy white sheep, ironed it all, and sewed on the poinsettia button in the corner. Done! Now I just have to figure out how I want to finish it off. Any suggestions?

So this weekend I woke up and was tidying up the bedroom a bit, including putting some earrings away on this jewelry holder I have hanging on the wall. A small movement caught my eye, and I realized that the entire wall was crawling with teeny tiny barely-visible little insects.

After I called my husband in to take a look, and had freaked out for a good ten minutes, we decided it was probably just mites, and that it was finally time to clean and paint the walls. But since we both have jobs and lives that can't be put on hold, this is going to be a really slow process. So far we've only done half of our bedroom. I'd do the rest myself (DH works much longer hours than I do), but I'm so short that even with the ladder I can't do the top bits of the walls. Oh well - this is going to be a fun week!

Wish us luck!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Second Little Blind Mouse

So my birthday was yesterday, and I am now officially 28 years old. I'm trying not to think too much about it, about being two years away from the big 3-0. I distracted myself very well with birthday celebrations - my husband took me to a beautiful resort in the middle of the desert last weekend. It was called Banyan Tree Al Wadi in Ras Al Khaima, if anyone is interested. We had a gorgeous suite with our own little private swimming pool (yep, it's December and it's still warm enough to go swimming - welcome to the desert!), and the next morning we booked a horseback riding lesson, which was incredible. It was the first time I'd ever been on a horse before, and aside from a couple of moments where I thought how easy it would be for my horse to bolt off into the horizon where my body wouldn't be found for a year, it was lovely! LOL...

My husband's birthday is the day before mine, so his sisters took us out to a wonderful dinner last night at a Spanish restaurant called Seville's. They gave us some great presents too, but my favorite was the big box I got in the mail from my mother, who's living in the States, in North Carolina. Look at this amazing loot:

Balls of yarn, the cutest little cross-stitch kits, and a pair of adorable scissors! I've stopped cooing over it all by now and have neatly put it all away, but I'm already thinking of ways to use all that yarn...

Anyway, I have some stitching to report! I've been working on Three Blind Mice:

Say hello to the second little blind mouse! He looks precocious, doesn't he? He's just grinning away.

Lots of love,