Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Just Right

More progress made on The Three Bears!

I've finished the banner along the bottom by stitching "Bears," and the I backstitched the word "Right" on the top. Now I've only got the flowers along the top to stitch.

My husband's away on a business trip to Bahrain, just for the day. And it's my day off work. I wish I could say I had something fun planned, but it's just cleaning, cleaning, cleaning for me! Saturday is our Eid al Adha (to celebrate the end of our pilgrimage season - literally means the day of sacrifice). Since our families are scattered around the globe at the moment, we've decided to take it easy and have a little stay-cation.

Happy xxx's!


Emma/Itzy said...

Your project is looking great, I hope you can squeeze in some time between cleaning to work on it some more :)

Happy Eid al Adha x

cucki said...

It's looking so sweet my dear
Happy eid Mubarak my dear
Big hugs x

Mii Stitch said...

Coming along beautifully, these 3 bears are just adorable!!

Wagapapa said...

Love the 3 bears, they're so funny.
Have a nice day on Saturday!

Linda said...

Looks great Sarah. Your almost done.


Lulu said...

Beautifu stitching! Your bears are so cute and I'm sure you'll be finished with the design very soon.

Preeti said...

Lovely stitching !! We generally get holidays for some festivals etc and we end up working extra at home. I guess such long weekends etc. are not meant for stitching . So I have stopped planning :)

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

Enjoy your stay cation, cute bears.