Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Little More on The Three Bears

Whew! It's been a busy week. I jumped right back into work the morning after we landed and I've been teaching, unpacking, and cleaning in equal measures. You wouldn't think so much junk would accumulate in just one week away!

I've picked up The Three Bears again and made a little more progress:

I've started the banner on the bottom, though I've only stitched "The 3" so far. Then I backstitched the "Just" randomly - the top of the fabric was feeling neglected!

I also thought I'd show you the stash I picked up in London. I couldn't find a proper needle shop - though to be honest, I was keeping myself busy with other adventures and didn't try that hard. But I did pop into John Lewis and managed to find some lovely yarns and trims:

Believe it or not, these were ridiculously cheap compared to Dubai prices, and I would have grabbed some more but my poor husband was in the store with me and he had the most pitiful expression of boredom. Oh well - next time!

Big hugs,


Mii Stitch said...

Lovely update and looks like you had a great time in London. Great new stash!

Wendy said...

the 3 bears is coming along nicely. it's funny to hear John Lewis called cheap! It is a quality shop and the customer service is great, but it's definitely not cheap and I wouldn't dream of buying craft supplies in there!

Linda said...

Nice progress Sarah. Love your new stash.


Justine said...

Agree with Wendy re John Lewis. I never shop there for craft supplies but like a good browse. Your 3 bears are sweet.

Lija Broka said...

Lovely progress and stash! I like John Lewis, the yarn there is gorgeous slightly on the expensive side (can't believe it's even more where you live!). Sales are great though. I hear it is extremely cheap in Italy or was when somebody mentioned a few years back. Some places in Eastern Europe used to be also good for yarn prices.

has a few listed ... but not sure how good they are in London (for your next trip). There is Franklins in Salisbury.

I think the site is:

I bought fabric from them, felt, and machine thread.

Looking forward to more updates once you settle.

Emma/Itzy said...

3 bears is looking great!

Mouse said...

ooo well done on the progress on the three bears ... giggling at the cheaper bit ... we find it expensive here ... but I do know how expensive it is out there as well from my friend who lives there ... and poor wee DH ... should have bribed him with a hot chocolate love mouse xxxxx

Lulu said...

Lovely stitching progress! You picked up some beautiful yarn on your trip :)

cucki said...

Wow so beautiful I love them and you bought very lovely yarn xx

KimM said...

Love the bears, love your stash - have fun stitching and knitting.

Steph said...

The three bears are looking good. Nice little stash too xox