Friday, August 8, 2014

Hooting Again

Now that my little fruit pieces are finished, I've picked up Lizzie Kate's Hoot biscornu again. I finished the front half of the biscornu here, so now I need to stitch the back half.

I've done one corner, including the candy corn, the black border around it, the pumpkin, the bird, and the googly eyes. Three more corners to go!

Work has been slow this week, so I've been occupying a lot of my time with family tree research. One summer about four years ago I took what I knew about my mother's side of the family, opened an account on, and started searching. I managed to get a LOT of information, but I also hit a lot of dead ends. Since that summer I've gotten married and started working and gotten busy with life. I decided a few days ago that, since I didn't have anything better to do, I'd pick the research up where I left off!

So I'm off to dig through more census reports and death certificates!


Mii Stitch said...

I'm can't wait to start this, it is so colourful! Yours is coming along really nicely. I'm looking forward to see your finish :)

cucki said...

It's truly so sweet xxx

Linda said...

That piece is really cute Sarah. I love the colors. Good luck with your research.


bledina said...

A cute piece with such vivid colours!!!!

Lulu said...

It looks great I can't wait to see your finished biscornu and good luck with your research.

KimM said...

This is probably the cutest biscornu I've ever seen. The colors just POP.