Thursday, April 3, 2014

Enough of the Umbrella?

More super-slow progress on La-D-Da's Falling Star:

Slowly and surely, folks! I stitched on the umbrella some more, and added the word "your" on the left. I think I'm going to put this aside for a couple of days now and pick up my knitting needles next - I'm a little bored of the umbrella, to be honest!

The last two weeks of work have been pure hell, with my husband away, extended working hours, and a "Total Immersion" student (he was here for two weeks, and he wanted to do the same amount of material it normally takes six months to do). That's done, thank God, so I should be going back to normal hours next week.

Happier news: the Quilt and Stitch Art show is back on! Registration just opened, and I've submitted the pictures and details of two pieces for consideration. I entered this last year, with my Teddy Bear Quilt, but didn't win anything. Let's see if I get accepted first!

Lots of love,


KimM said...

Lovely, lovely stitching. Sounds like your week has been hectic. Hope it gets better.

Mii Stitch said...

Take it easy & enjoy your knitting!! :)

cucki said...

So lovely...
I hope it gets better..yup take it easy..
Love xxx

Linda said...

Hang in there Sarah. Maybe just do one strand a day on the umbrella.


Mouse said...

ooooo I see a lot of progress and it is a big umbrella isn't it coooo with the quilt show paws crossed you get accepted :)
and glad your life is getting back to normal ... for me that is just a setting on the washing machine hahahaha love mouse xxxx

Rita E in AZ said...

Very pretty stitching.
Some days I just feel like crocheting instead of cross stitching but it's all stitching so enjoy your stitching in whatever form it calls to you.