Monday, March 31, 2014

Keeping Busy Stitching Stars

Brace yourselves, people - here's some more insanely slow progress on Falling Star!

I've gotten some more stitches into the massive umbrella, and I've stitched the word "in" on the bottom. I like to switch between motifs and colors to keep sane - if I concentrated only on the umbrella I'd lose hope!

My husband's company have sent him to the capital city, Abu Dhabi, for two weeks. Again! Last year they sent him there for three months. On the bright side (if you can call it that) I've got a ridiculous amount of work this week, so that should keep me busy. At least I don't have to rush home or feel guilty/stressed that I don't have time to cook or clean or keep house, right?

Off to get some sleep!


cucki said...

Falling star is so lovely..
Hugs x

Ariadne Skyrianidou said...

Here's a blogpost you should read!
I hope you don't mind me sending it to you.AriadnefromGreece!

blue star stitcher said...

That is a huge umbrella to do all in one color, I don't think I'd ever finish it. Great progress on it.

Denise said...

Every stitch counts! Great progress!
Happy Stitching

Mii Stitch said...

You're getting there, slowly but surely :)

Lulu said...

Beautiful progress! Just think about how great it will feel once you finish the umbrella :)

Shirlee said...

Beautiful progress for sure : )