Friday, December 6, 2013

Under the Weather

Oh, man, I am really not feeling well. I've been under the weather for days. I had to call in sick to work a couple of days ago, but yesterday I felt well enough to get up and teach my classes. I thought I was finally getting better, but nope - I had a hard time going to sleep last night because of all the coughing, and today I seem to have lost my voice!

One good thing about being home sick for days is plenty of time for stitching! I made a lot of progress on Down by the Bay:

I've FINALLY finished stitching that watermelon, the word "go" underneath, and the motif in the corner. I've got a few more motifs along that bottom line, and then the border.

Hope you're all healthy and happy!


Isabella Morais said...

Oh my Sarah...sad to hear that u aren't recovered but I have faith it will pass soon!

Yes, the good part being sick is that we have some time to stitch and sleep a lot hun!? :D

This watermelon is so huge! ehehehehe :D

XOXO, Isa.

Mii Stitch said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well!! I'm joining the club too, I had to take the day off work today. Let's just say I've been spending more time in my bathroom last nigh that in my bed :( I really hope I will get better during the weekend. I hate having to miss work, I somehow always feel guilty even though it really doesn't happen very often. I'm glad you've finished the watermelon :D It seems to be the biggest item on this chart! Take care xx

Shirlee said...

So sorry you aren't feeling well ... I will pray that you get better soon! Watermelon is looking great!

Linda said...

Sorry your not feeling well. The stitching is looking great.


Anne said...

I hope you are starting to feel a wee bit better now. Trying to teach with no voice is not fun!! Love your progress!!