Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Back to My Home...

Last night, after I came home so tired I could barely speak a coherent sentence, I sat in my little stitching corner and picked this piece up. My husband asked me how on earth I had the energy to stitch, and I had to explain that this was my stress relief. Whenever I need to decompress, I stitch. The husbands don't seem to understand that, do they? I think they assume if we have the energy to stitch, we have the energy to make food and tidy up. Nope. Two very different things.

Here's the progress I've made on Down by the Bay (sorry, I keep forgetting to iron it!):

I got some stitching done on the watermelon and the word "back" underneath it. And I have another rhyme for you! "Have you ever seen a seal making a deal?"

Thanks for staying tuned!


cucki said...

Looking so sweet..
Hugs x

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

don't worry about the wrinkles sweetie, she's looking great - Amanda

Shirlee said...

I'm laughing at how husbands don't understand that we have the energy to stitch but not make food or tidy up : ) DBTB is looking good!

Mii Stitch said...

Home chores or stitching??? Stitching of course!!!! They really don't get it, do they? :D

Linda said...

I am so loving this design Sarah.


Isabella Morais said... husband loves my stitched pieces..sometimes he ask me to sew presents for friends but most part of the time he hates when I'm stitching...he says that I'm putting him aside and that I have to choose the time when he is outside, working to do my stitching..
Well, when he is at home he can take care of my little one...that's why I prtefer to stitch during the weekend 'cause during the week I only have the night left to do it and my eyes burn when I try to force them.
Eheheheheh... husbands never understand their wives! I think I'll probably post something about it next time :D
Your piece getting gorgeous!

Tania said...

My husband Always says that I'm getting 'zen' of stitching.

Anonymous said...

how lovely! keep the rhymes going, Sarah :D
people who don't stitch rarely get how it really works for us. shame, cause people like us could rule the world! :D