Wednesday, September 11, 2013

So Close Now!

I've picked up the American Flag Quilt just to soothe my soul after the disaster of the craft fair. It's coming along so well!

This is Alaska, the Last Frontier. It was the second-to-last to join the union, on January 3, 1959. Which means...I've only got one state left!

I know it looks all lonely there on the bottom by itself, but I have a plan! Since I had to reshuffle a few things when I miscalculated the fabric size, I'm determined to stick it out. I only hope it'll look good once it's done!

Big kisses,


Mii Stitch said...

Alaska is very pretty indeed! Can't wait to see it all finished, it's been a lovely journey :)

Anonymous said...

It's looking great Sarah! Looking forward to seeing it finished (:

cucki said...

Looking so beautiful x

Bev C said...

Hello Sarah,

A lot of work has gone into this piece. Enjoy the finish.

Happy days.

Penny said...

A lot of beautiful stitches in this piece! It's going to be a lovely finish. :)

Linda said...

Early happy dance cause your almost done.


Rita E in AZ said...

I am so looking forward to seeing how you finish this. Beautiful stitching!

Lija Broka said...

This is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it properly finished and framed (of it is to be framed).