Monday, July 8, 2013

The Biscornu Madness Ends

First things first... My husband's surgery went better than expected. He was out of the operating room in an hour, wide awake and joking around. I, however, seemed to have gotten the raw end of the deal: while they were preparing him for surgery, they were hooking him up to an IV drip. And bless those ladies, they were really good with the needle and caused him a minimum of pain doing it. What no one in the room realized was how severe my reaction is to seeing needles sliding into skin. I'd even forgotten this - the last time I had a reaction was 13 years ago!

So anyway, the ladies are putting the IV into his arm, and next thing I know I'm on the floor surrounded by ten nurses. I'd fainted. Clear off my chair, slamming my head into the tiled floor. To say that I was the laughing stock of the day is an understatement. But hey, at least I lightened the mood a little!

My husband was discharged two hours after the surgery, so I did have the rest of the day to finish up the multicolored biscornu I'd stitched the other day. Here it is:

I decided to use purple thread to stitch it closed, just for a change. I put a bright yellow star button on top and a plain orange button on the bottom, using matching thread for each. But it's so small!

That's enough of the biscornus for a while, I think. I've made three in a row and I'm starting to miss "normal" stitching, if you know what I mean.

In other news: I won Kaye's Traveling Pattern draw! Woohoo! This is the cutest Little House Needleworks design, and I can't wait to stitch it up. If you haven't entered Kaye's 2nd Blogoversary giveaway yet, you definitely should. Also, Lija over at Stitching in Crosses and More is having a 100 follower giveaway. Give her a visit and sign up!

Big hugs,


Denise said...

All three of you Biscornu's look awesome, great job on the finishes too!
Happy Stitching

Mii Stitch said...

Glad the surgery went ok despite you making a fool of yourself! :P Any excuse to be the centre of the attention :D Lovely finish on your biscornu, they all look great x

cucki said...

They all looking so beautiful..
Big hugs x

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

your third biscornu is cute and colourful - hope you didn't hit your head too hard when you fainted! :(

Kerryp77 said...

so glad the surgery went well. The biscornu is gorgeous and looks fab with the others too.

Kathy Ellen said...

So glad to hear that your husband's surgery went well, but what a scare you must have given the medical staff when you fainted!

Your biscornu's are really gorgeous....such unique and brightly colored designs.

Blessings In Stitches & Friendship!

Linda said...

Cute finishes Sarah. Glad to hear your husband's surgery went okay.


Shirlee said...

So glad your husband's surgery went better than expected, but how scary that you passed out & hit your head on the tile floor! I hope you are okay! Your biscornus are lovely. Can't wait to see what you decide to stitch next! Congratulations on winning Kaye's giveaway : )

Isabella Morais said...

Oh my! I can't decide wich one is my favorite! They are all gorgeous!

I love all the warm colors!


Steph said...

Oh ouch!! I hope you are ok? You certainly made a beautiful biscornu so I am thinking yes! It looks great!

Lija Broka said...

That is so lucky ... I somehow missed that chart entry. Congratulations! thank you for mentioning my giveaway; good luck on winning it!