Friday, April 12, 2013

Quilt Square 35

Hello stitchers! How are you guys? Not much has been going on here. I've just been busy working and stitching on the American Flag Quilt.

This newest block is Oregon, the Beaver State (that is a really strange nickname, by the way). It was admitted in on  February 14, 1859, making it the 33rd state.

This was relatively easier to stitch up, although there was a LOT of backstitching!

I'm still really enjoying this piece, but I've got the craft fair coming up and I've still got to prepare everything... Busy, busy, busy!

Lots of stitchy love,


Mii Stitch said...

Looking good as always Sarah!

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog through Country Stitcher.
This project looks amazing!
Your blog is lovely!

cucki said...

Hello dear it's me Cucki..
Your blog and stitching is super cute..
Lots of love for you..
Hugs x