Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Red, White, and Blue (and Some Other Stuff)

Sorry I've been kind of quiet on the blogosphere. I'm slowly catching up on laundry, groceries, and cleaning, not to mention starting a new semester with new students and having my mother-in-law in town. Yep, busy busy busy.

I have been trying to catch to everyone's blog posts, and there seem to be a lot of giveaways going on these days. Mii at Mii Stitch is having a Valentine's Day Giveaway that's wrapping up soon (you can enter here), Melissa at St. John's Stitcher is having a Birthday/200 Follower Giveaway (you can enter here), and McKenna at Chic Crafting is having her February Giveaway (you can enter here). Lots of awesome goodies to be won!

On to some stitchy progress: I knitted this scarf up a while ago for my sister's birthday, but I wanted to wait until she got it before I posted about it. I think I've decided to try to make a scarf for each of my sisters (I have three) for their birthdays this year.

I used this fantastic Peaches & Creme yarn called Stars and Stripes that I picked up when I was in the States last summer. I LOVE the texture and consistency of this yarn. It lends itself so well to knitting. I might just go online and order a bunch of it in different colors.

This scarf is 30 stitches across. I used two balls of yarn to knit it, with 5mm knitting needles, and it ended up at 34 inches long - a little short, but I think it'll suit my sister.

I also came back to a welcoming sight at the post office: a package from 1-2-3 Stitch! Yep, I went on a little bit of a shopping spree before I left, and here's what I got:

I love it all so much! I got two La D Da charts (A Falling Star and Down By the Bay) and some fabric for each (32 count Lugana in Ivory and Dark Cobblestone). These are going to be the first La D Da designs I've ever stitched, as well as the smallest count fabric I've ever stitched on. I'm so excited! Of course, I refuse to allow myself to start until I've finished my big WIP, the American Flag Quilt, which I can't wait to get back to!

It's good to be back!


McKenna C. said...

Love the scarf!!!

Kerryp77 said...

fab scarf, lovely job. x

Linda said...

Great scarf and I love your new stash.


Mii Stitch said...

Great new stash!

Katy said...

Great stash and scarf, but I can't wait to see more of American Flag Quilt Sampler!

Kaisievic said...

Thanks for the links to the giveaways - so helpful! Love your beautiful scarf - your sister will love it, I am sure!
Great new stash, too, I really love 123 Stitch.

hugs, Kaye