Sunday, February 24, 2013

Quilt Square 30

Now that my thread is all neatly bobbinated, I've gotten some last bit of progress done on the American Flag Quilt for this round. I'm really happy about how it's looking so far. I can't wait to finish it off, have it framed, and find a sweet spot to hang it up. But I think that's still pretty far off. One step at a time!

This quilt square is for Texas, the Lone Star State, the 28th state to join the union, on December 29, 1845.

I'm going to put this aside for a little while. I've got a few pieces waiting to be finished off, so I'm switching gears, swapping the DMC for fabric swatches and ribbon bits.

See you all on the other side!


Mii Stitch said...

Lovely Texas star!

Denise said...

I really like you American Flag Quilt they are each so cute. Have you done South Dakota yet?
Happy Stitching

Emma/Itzy said...

Another lovely square :)

Linda said...

Looks great Sarah. What a pretty piece.


Katy said...

Texas! That's my home state! :) Love seeing your progress as always, can't wait until this is back in my rotation!

Sandy said...

I love this chart. When we moved to California almost 2 years ago, this was one of the charts I brought with me. haven't started it yet, but plan on working on it while we live here. We're on the 10 year plan - then I retire and we move home to KY