Saturday, December 8, 2012

Quilt Square 20

Oh my God, Blogger has been driving me crazy. I’ve been trying to update for days, but it keeps telling me that my Picasa photo storage limit has been reached. I don’t even know what they’re talking about, and I’ve gone through old posts and deleted a bunch of photos I didn’t think I needed anymore, but that didn’t seem to have made a difference.

So after a couple of hours and a lot of frustration, I finally figured out how to clean out this Picasa thing. This post is a few days late, but it’s finally here!

Soldiering on with the American Flag Quilt! Not that it’s a chore, but I’m still quite sick. The fever broke after a couple of days, thank God, so now I just have this wicked cough to deal with.

Enough griping. May I present to you: Louisiana, the Bayou State. Joining the nation on April 30, 1812, it was the 18th state.

I really like the pinwheel design on this one. I think it’s just so pretty. This block is the last in the row, so it marks the width of the sampler. I can’t believe how much I’ve done on this piece, and how much more there is still to be done! But I love it, I really do.

My supervisor is coming to observe my classroom tomorrow. Sooooo nervous. She did this last year, too, and she’s just unnerving to have at the back of the class. For some reason, having twenty teenagers watching me for an hour doesn’t bother me at all. Add one middle-aged woman and I’m in pieces.

Wish me luck!


Katy said...

Beautiful progress! And good luck while you're being observed!

Mii Stitch said...

Great progress! Good luck, you'll be fine!!!