Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I'll Put the Kettle On

I won this beautiful chart, I’ll Put the Kettle On, over at the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe a while ago, but I’ve been so busy with the American Flag Quilt and other little pieces that I hadn’t had a chance to work on this until now.

I bought this great piece of 26 ct. linen from the Linens of Yorktown for $1 at an antique store when I was in the States this past summer, and I found this thread at a random little store here in Dubai. It’s from a South African line called Chameleon, and the thread color is Canterbury Bells.

I loved working on this so much, and thanks again to Nancy over at the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe for being so generous!

I’m thinking of framing this piece, I just love it so much. I’m hoping I can find a good frame and won’t have to resort to a framer – ohhh, and I really hope that little teacup charm won’t be a problem!

Lots of hugs and kisses!


Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

So pretty Sarah - from fabric to thread, lovely soft colour palette. hugs, Amanda

Mii Stitch said...

Such a pretty design. Lovely stitching, lovely colour thread & cute little charm. Well done, Mii x

Kerryp77 said...

Lovely design, love the thread you did it in. Fab job Sarah and let's hope you can get a good frame reasonably too.

Angela Cruz-garcia said...

Very pretty colors and stitching.

Emma/Itzy said...

This is so cute - I love the little charm and the colours in the thread look gorgeous! :)

Anne said...

Such a pretty, delicate design. I love the little teapot charm! You are a lucky gal to win this and get that linen for a dollar!!! Wowza!!