Friday, October 5, 2012

Quilt Square 5

So the latest square in the American Flag Quilt sampler is not a state at all.

It’s a pretty little quilt piece! The sampler was designed so that the first 13 colonies to be admitted into the union are in the “stars” section of the flag. 13 being an odd number, there needed to be a couple of fillers to even things out.

It’s still cute, isn’t it? Will be working on another state square next. Loving this!

Hugs and kisses,


Mii Stitch said...

Such colours & details, I'm not getting bored of looking at it, So I'm not surprised you're having fun stitching it!!

tülin said...

çok güzel.

Annie said...

I have been following your progress on this since you started. Its looking great!

tadamama said...

It's looking great, and I just have to say I went out and bought this pattern because of seeing your work on it! Can't wait to see more!