Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mail is Here!

I love getting mail! Especially when it’s a much-anticipated package. About a month ago I ordered Rosewood Manor’s American Flag Quilt Sampler, and a gorgeous piece of Jazlyn linen in Bone. I’ve decided to take the plunge and try stitching on linen! Huge step for me. Linen’s always been very intimidating. Here’s a picture of my beautiful mail-order stash:

This is going to be such a fun project!

And by the way, the people over at 1-2-3 Stitch are amazing.



Kerryp77 said...

aww he's very sweet, and good luck with the sampler, its a very pretty design.

Kaisievic said...

Love your bunny! So cute and stash enhancement is always a good thing.

tadamama said...

I'm working on my first piece in linen too and I'm really enjoying it! Hopefully you will too! And your bunny is adorable!

Topcho said...

Aww the bunny is so cute!! And this pattern is beautiful, I can't wait to see your wips on it.