Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Some Anxiety and a Finish

I wanna say first thank you all for always being so sweet and kind to me. I know I haven’t been a very good blogger lately – I’ve got so many new blogs I want to go through, and so many old blogs I need to catch up on.

This is just such a busy time! We’re finally nearing the end of Ramadan (which seems to get harder and harder every year), and next week we’re heading to Yemen for the end of Ramadan and Eid (the celebration we have at the end of the month of fasting). I don’t know if you guys have been keeping up with the news of Yemen, but the situation is not good. There are suicide bombers and looting, the electricity/phone lines/Internet are only on for about five hours a day, and there’s very little water.

So why are we going? That’s where my husband’s family lives. My DH is half Yemeni and half Spanish. That isn’t so weird in and of itself, but when you combine the two of us (my mother is American, from North Carolina, and my father is an Arab, from Kuwait), you get a mix most people consider strange. At least, that’s what people around here think.

Anyway, we’re going to Yemen next week and I’ve been busy preparing. The anxiety has been good for my knitting though – I finished my scarf!

Isn’t it a beauty? It’s got random bumps and the edges are all over the place, but it’s super soft and warm and I can’t wait for winter to wear it! Love love love love love.

I’ll be honing my knitting skills some more. I get very determined about these things. Some people enjoy learning new languages or how to play musical instruments. This is where I’m happiest – playing with thread.

Love you all to bits,


Anonymous said...

Sarah I've been worried about the situation in Yemen, Syria and many other countries devastated these days..
I wish you all the best, you're very brave.. and keeping together in spite of all the troubles proves you're part of a great big family.. as long as there's love for each other, the parts of the globe we come from don't really matter..
I love the scarf, you're doing an amazing job.. and I 100% agree: learning new ways to play with threads is so much fun! :D
take care and write soon..
a big hug to everyone,

Kerryp77 said...

I hope the celebrations are as peaceful as they can be for you, well done on finishing your scarf. I can't imagine anything better than playing with needle and thread. x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah

Found your blog through Tadamama and become a follower.

You have done some lovely stitching - the biscornu is so pretty.

I love your scarf, it looks so cosy.
I hope that your trip is peaceful and that you stay safe.