Saturday, June 9, 2012

An Update on my WIP

I’ve actually made a lot of progress on my Ramadan sampler.

I’ve been on a little stitching marathon. The Euro 2012 has started, and my DH immediately dashed out the door to watch the matches with his friends. Is anyone else’s loved ones crazy about soccer? It’s always funny to be a spectator of men and their hobbies.

His leaving gave me hours and hours to just watch movies and stitch. So that’s what I did. I filled in the empty patches in the base of the mosque, and then I got to work on the dome. It’s coming along. To be perfectly honest, I’m not very happy with the color choices of the designer. There’s a lot of green and yellow mustardy colors, and I don’t understand why. Maybe it will all come together when it’s done.

Happy stitching!


Nurdan said...
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Kaisievic said...

It is looking really good. I am sure that the colours will all come together.

Anne said...

It's really beautiful Sarah!! I love the colours so far!! As for the soccer tournament, my man doesn't like sports so I'm lucky in that department. But I may go see a soccer game at one of the pubs. It's a pretty big event here in Vancouver. I prefer soccer over hockey any day!!