Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Teddy Bear Quilt, All Finished

The great reveal! Well, first, I haven’t shown you the corners of the quilt yet. Here they are, my marching teddy bears:

Okay, now the great reveal. :D This took me about a year to do. Like I said, I started it on July 8th, 2009 and I worked on it during little breaks whenever I was back home in Kuwait. So it took me about a year to do the whole thing. In fact, I was finishing it off and putting it all together during the 2010 World Cup (a fact that does not impress my DH, who believes that if there’s a match on, all your attention should be focused on it).

So there you go – my first quilt, and my first major cross-stitching project. Also keep in mind my earlier confession about me not knowing how to use a sewing machine – I had to make this one by hand too!

An official crazy lady,


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah

Congrats on finishing your quilt, it's beautiful!
I love the corner teddies all marching along.
You must be very proud of it.

Shireen said...