Sunday, May 6, 2012

Christmas Coziness in a Desert Summer...

So we’re coming up to our one-year anniversary, and although a lot of my attention has been focused on what presents to get my DH, I also decided to do something nice for my sisters-in-law.

This is going to be the first gift, for the eldest SIL:

It’s a sweet little freebie I found on the Lizzie Kate website, which is actually supposed to be for Christmas. But I immediately thought it would be perfect: my SIL is quite obsessed with tea and she just moved into her own apartment, so I thought it would be the cutest thing to hang in her kitchen.

I also changed the colors around because they needed to be darker if I was doing this on white Aida. This is also the first charm I’ve ever added to a piece. Yay! And I wrote a little message for her on the back:

I found this great website, Better Cross Stitch Patterns, where you can get free cross-stitching alphabets. This one is called “Holiday” (appropriate, since this was originally a Christmas design!).

I’ll be finishing this as a little hanging pillow, so stay tuned!

Humming Christmas songs in May,

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