Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Demented Biscornu

Well, I did it!

Unfortunately, I didn’t do it well

First lesson: do not cut out the two sides too close to the edge of the design (which you can see I've done here). This was a HUGE mistake. Here I was, trying to be all neat and tidy and efficient…NO.

I started out fine when I was attaching the first two sides, but as soon as I got to the first corner, everything fell apart: the seams, the backstitching, everything. I tried to rescue it, but it was too late. I ended up turning it all inside-out, taking normal white thread, and quickly sewing the two sides together. It’s unsightly with this corner collapsed, but at least it held together!

This was so stressful. And you know what my truly wonderful husband said when I was whining about how bad this was? “I don’t see what the big deal is – I’ve bought things from stores that were coming apart like that.”

Maybe I’m desperate for comfort right now, but that was just the sweetest thing he could have said.

On the bright side, I do like the stitching I did on the bottom. It looks so cute peeking out from under the corners!

I went online and found great instructions on how to make a biscornu, by Katherine Youngs at Own Two Hands. No, seriously, the instructions are great; any disasters that happened were entirely my fault. She has a good, clear, step-by-step guide on how to put these together, and some great pictures to help.

So, thanks to Katherine from Own Two Hands, and Emily at The Floss Box! I’ll be trying biscornus again, now that I’ve learned my (painful) lesson.

Much later: I put the biscornu aside in frustration, made dinner, ate with my DH, cleaned up, came back into the bedroom…and caught sight of the biscornu again. Do you know, even if it is a total disaster, I love it! I just can’t believe I actually attempted to make a biscornu! WOOHOO!

Stressed out, depressed, and victorious,


Emily said...

It's so pretty though! You did such a great job. It doesn't matter if it isn't perfect anyways. You had fun making it and learned something and those are most important!

Kerryp77 said...

what la lovely design, i've had some ones that haven't turned out quite right but they live in the biscornu bowl quite happily so they aren't inperfect they are unique!