Tuesday, April 24, 2012

For the Love of a Freebie

Freebies have been a blessing for me lately. As a newlywed, I feel the need to save as much as possible for everything: our summer vacation, maybe a bigger place, definitely any children we plan to have. So I’ve been scouring the Internet for freebies, and I'm so thankful to the generous people who provide the world with gorgeous, free patterns!

Also, all my projects this year have been on any scraps of Aida fabric I happen to already have. Talk about thrifty! While it can sometimes be limiting in what I can and can't do, I just keep reminding myself about the bigger picture.

And this biscornu is no different: I had two perfect pieces of fabric in my stash, and I found a beautiful pattern online, from Emily Wilmarth at The Floss Box. If you’ve never visited the site, you really should – they’ve got great patterns, both free and for sale.

These measure about 3.75”x3.75” each. I didn’t want to do two identical sides, so I improvised the bottom. I’m still a little uncertain – what do you think?

Now all I’ve got to do is attach them! Wish me luck!


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Kerryp77 said...

It's a lovely pattern, I see what you mean't on your other post about cutting it too close, I usually leave 3 aida blocks. Have you tried kincavel krosses for freebies? Kell has some lovely ones on there, I've done several including biscornu, There'll be a link on my site somewhere I think.